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Sari-Sari Falls

Difficulty: moderate Duration: 30 minutes one-way Starting  Point: La Plaine (southeast coast) Sari Sari Falls Sari-Sari Falls is located in La Plaine, off the east coast road.   Descending down a steep incline to the bed of the Sari-Sari River, you will trek along the river bed, crossing the river several times as the exact path depends on the flow of the river.  The hike is only about a mile each way, but can be slippery when wet.  Sari-Sari is a beautiful waterfall, it's awesome power and majestic atmosphere will thrill you. The trail passes through a garden of cocoa, cinnamon and bay leaf. The track heads down into the valley where the river makes a narrow curve; cross the river twice to find the right bank. Going towards the fall, stop and enjoy the lush rainforest plants: Begonia, Bois Riviere, tree Ferns, Heliconias, Bamboos and “Zel mouch”. The path goes up the hillside by following the river over 300m then comes down again. The waterfall is less than 10 m away.

Victoria Falls

Difficulty: moderate Duration: 45 minutes each way Starting Point: Delices (southeast coast) Victoria Falls Victoria Falls is located in Delices, also be along the east coast road. It is fed by the White River, so named because of its white color which it gets from the high mineral content of the water (its main source is the Boiling Lake).  The mineral content of the water gives the falls the same whitish color, while the cliff face and the boulders at the base of the falls show a rich rust color from mineral deposits. To get to the trailhead, drive down a dirt road through the village of Delices and stop near the river. Around the trail are tree ferns, anthuriums, bromeliads and the delicate filmy ferns hugging the massive buttressed rainforest trees. The last 15 minutes involves walking up the river gorge and climbing boulders. The hike should take less than 45 minutes each way...but take all the time you want and enjoy the nature island of the Caribbean, Dominica!

Glassy Trail

Difficulty: Moderate Duration: 1 hour round trip Starting Point: Boetica Glassy Pool This trail to Glassy Pool starts from the main road, opposite the church in the East-coast village of Boetica. From the sign, the trail goes gently down to the shore with some excellent view points on the way. It's an easy 3 km. The trail passes through a littoral woodland and continues to a narrow gorge with a fresh water spring surrounded by ferns and “Zel Mouch”. Here is Dominica’s most spectacular coastal scenery. The trail continues to a volcanic outcrop, which has a couple of small sea pools. The kind of lava formation can be quite sharp. On a clear day, the beautiful views and the stretch of coastline can be enjoyed.

Secret Beach:

Difficulty:  Easy Secret Beach is one of two black volcanic sand beaches in the villages of Riviere Cyrique. About 100m long, this hidden beach is contained by two headlands, and crossed by the Riviere Mahaut towards its southern end.  The beach vegetation includes plants such as “papat bod lanme and Marigold”, which grow on the land, above which is a geological rock stratum that provides excellent opportunities for research. The extensive width and isolation of the beach makes it a very important nesting for the leather back, green and hawksbill turtles, during the period from March to September.

Anba Wavin Siwik Falls named Ravine Cyrique Waterfall

Difficulty: Difficult Duration: 2 hours Beach at Ravine Cyrique Located in Riviere Cyrique, Anba Wavin Siwik Falls is one of the dramatic natural sites. The waterfall shoots off the vertical sheer cliff onto the beach below, or into the ocean. Getting to view the 17 m fall is a mini-adventure that necessitates the use of ropes, tree roots and a rope ladder. The trail begins with gentle climbing down 600 steps of wooden logs, then to maneuvering between the roots of the katlen trees, which gives way to the black/grey sand beach some 91m below. Going down the trail, one moves to seasonal forest, and a littoral woodland which is shaped by continuous strong winds.  Trees of bois d’inde, Galbas, Poirier, White cider, Zeb couteau (all well known in construction) are along the trail.  The beach is surrounded by rocks and caves used as shelter by fishermen. The views of a headland, huge volcanic boulders, Rosalie point, and the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean reward the challenging experience.

Bout Sable

Difficulty: Easy Bout Sable Bout Sable is one of the two longest beach in the southeastern district and is accessible from the main road. It is a popular site for picnicking and the nesting of leather back, hawksbill, and green turtles. Bout sable is a site with black mangrove (avicennia germinans) and a small stand of the rare trees is located near the southern end of the beach and at the edge of the La Plaine main road. At the beach is the screw pine, well known for use in craft items.

Perdu Temps Trail

Difficulty: strenuous Duration: 6 hours Starting Point: Geneva / Délices This cross-island hike goes from Geneva near the south coast to Delices on the east coast. Officially it's 8 km long, but at 6 hours it seems as hard as the Boiling Lake hike. The best direction to tackle the hike is from the southern (Geneva) end. Beginning with a gentle stroll along the Perdu Temps River, the going gets steep as you climb from 18 metres to 549 metres at the top.  Look out for great views of the River Jack waterfall on the descent to the White River. Going through the rainforest and crossing springs and small rivers, you will discover the lush rainforest vegetation.  A river bath at the White River is very healthy and rejuvenates the body.

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